In this latest update (2.00a Beta) I have added a lot of new areas and introducing : The New Simpsons page, to appear in the next update. Funstuff is a new area where you can play some JAVA games on-line. If you have some JAVA games you would like to see here let me know. The Temple of Syrinx Rush Page has been changed around a LOT to accomindate the heavy traffic of Rush Ring and Rush Web Ring members crusing in. Another new area, the MIDI page will have hundereds of midi's of songs, traditional, and themes. News is this area informing you of news relating to this page. The Midnight Star BBS page is pretty much going to stay the same until I start really working on the BBS. And, finaly, the last new area, Links, is a page of links to some of the best sites on the web!

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