The Rush solo albums Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache and Victor are entirely Rush solo performances by Geddy and Alex. For this reason they stand alone and are not included here as part of the collection.

Geddy played bass on 2 songs by Marie Lynn Hammond. Her manager asked that her mp3s be removed from the Freedom Of Music website. For that reason her works will not be promoted here.

For track 10: Rush - Bad Boy, I chose the Electric Lady recording. The mp3 of that version can be found here. There are 7 known recordings of different live Rush concerts that contain this cover. I include a link to the Freedom Of Music website where a different version can be found.

For track 12: The Buddy Rich Band - Mexicali Nose, I included a song from the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert of 1991. This was included because it was unique to that concert. Two other songs that Neil performed that night are not included because they were recreated for the Burning For Buddy cds. Although they are great performances, they were remade because of Neil's dissatisfaction with their quality. Thus I decided that the Burning For Buddy tracks would be better and should be included in Artifacts Volume 2.

For track 14: Gowan - Lost Brotherhood, I included only one song that I thought would be representative of the album. Alex plays throughout the album and all of the songs are exciting to listen to. All Rush fans should have this album.