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Announcement (apr/22): Yeah, finally, some more updates. Check out Covers sections for Greg Howe's rendition of La Villa and Side Projects for Geddy playing with I Mother Earth.
I'm not sending newsletter 'cause I'm redoing the way they are sent. I've been using a very primitive way, and expect to change it soon. :)

Annoucement (apr/12):
I'm sorry not having the time to update this site as frequently as I wish to, I'm a little bit frustrated with... well, it needs a redesign quickly!! but don't worry... I'm working on a new version right now, it may take some weeks, but it will come...

Right now, I'm doing updates just 'cause I'm forced to (thanks Martin) :)
I've uploaded Alex playing live with the Dexters and Geddy with Nothern Lights (the canadian 'USA for Africa') ;)

Soon (I mean, a day or two) I'll be also uploading Geddy playing with I Mother Earth.

Thanx for all the support to the site... I'll do my best to make the new VSongs as good as you deserve

Best regards,

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Vital Signs (4.55Mb)


Rush as a band has influenced tons of artists throughout the years, those artists sometimes reveal those influences by playing some of their favorite Rush tunes.
This section is made of Rush Music played by other bands.

Present Highlight: Greg Howe's La Villa Strangiato

Rush members have always been very active, not only releasing almost an album per year but making special appearances in other artists albuns or having their own side project.
This section is made of music that has Rush member's on it, but are not Rush tunes.

Present Highlight: Geddy with I Mother Earth and Nothern Lights and Alex with The Dexters

Rush relations are not only restricted to their members or music, you can get rush-related stuff anywhere, if you look for it.
This section is for music that are not played nor composed by Rush, but have a close (sometimes not that close) link to the band's work.

Present Highlight: The intros used for Rush concerts: Also Sprach Zarathustra and Three Stooges Theme.

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