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The progressive rock trio RUSH released their first album in 1974. Shortly thereafter, Alex Lifeson (guitars) and Geddy Lee (bass, vocals and keyboards) were joined by Neil Peart (percussion, lyricist). After over 40 years together the band has released a total of 20 studio albums, 12 live albums as well as numerous compilation albums, of which 24 have gone gold, and 14 platinum.

Here you will find current news, a complete discography with lyrics, a videography, and listings of RUSH members' solo projects and guest appearances. Other resources include a wide-ranging listing of RUSH related literature, cover songs and albums, tributes, a pop culture section and more. Along with the information archive, this site includes a slew of RUSH offerings including album art wallpaper for your PC and Smartphone, and Windows users can utilize Themes inspired by the album art and music of RUSH.

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Most of the album art was originally scanned and then "enhanced or altered", by yours truly to fit the proportions of a monitor for use as wallpaper. The balance of album/tourbook art was provided by Steve Longo, John Patuto, R.G. Terrez, Eddie Gonzales, Jim Wright, Monica Zimmerman, Kevin Rawlings and Margot Orenchuk (RIP). Special thanks to David Arnold, Jimmy Lang and Meg Jahnke of the National Midnight Star ("though it's just a memory, some memories last forever"...), Suzanne Bonney, Laurie Wolensky, Joe Lynch, Dave Ward, Heiko Klages, Jeff at AnalogKidAudioVideo, Ralph at Blue Oyster Cult Hot Rails To Hull, and everyone else that has contributed in some way to making this website what it is. Extra special thanks to Blake Willis at www.2112.net for hosting us, and to Hank Niemczyk at RushableKingdom.com for his invaluable assistance and feedback. And last but not least, thanks to Hugh Syme and RUSH (of course!)

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