Rush Transcript Archive

This archive is a collection of transcripts of Rush related magazine and newspaper articles, radio programs and concert reviews. Also included are essays from the tour books and liner notes. Whenever possible, the original transcriber's name has been included. This is an ongoing work in progress; feel free to email any suggested additions.

Fly By Night
Caress Of Steel
All The World's A Stage
A Farewell To Kings
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Exit...Stage Left
Grace Under Pressure
Power Windows
Hold Your Fire
A Show Of Hands
Roll The Bones
Burning For Buddy
Test For Echo
Order Of Canada Induction A Work In Progress
The Masked Rider
Retrospective IRetrospective II
Different Stages
My Favorite Headache
Vapor Trails
Ghost Rider
Spirit Of Radio Greatest Hits
SARS Benefit Concert
Rush In Rio
Alex Lifeson's New Year's Eve At The Ritz Feedback
"Canada For Asia" Telethon R30
Replay X3
Trailer Park Boys Big Dirty
Snakes & Arrows
Snakes & Arrows Live cd
Snakes & Arrows Live video
Retrospective 3
Working Men
Hockey Theme
Time Stand Still: The Collection
Canadian Songwriters' Hall Of Fame induction Beyond The Lighted Stage
Time Machine Tour
Moving Pictures Deluxe Edition
Taking Center Stage
Live In Cleveland
Sectors Boxed Set
Governor's General Performing Arts Award Clockwork Angels
Clockwork Angels The Novel
2112 Deluxe Edition
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Vapor Trails Remixed
Clockwork Angels Tour
Allan Waters Humanitarian JUNO Award R40 Live Tour
R40 Live
Time Stand Still
2112 40th Anniversary Edition
A Farewell To Kings 40th Anniversary Edition
Hemispheres 40th Anniversary Edition
Neil Peart, 1952 - 2020 Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary Edition
Envy Of None
Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary Edition
Signals 40th Anniversary Edition
My Effin' Life