Supervised by Jeff Fura

5.1 Surround Sound Mixed by Richard Chycki at Mixland, Ontario
5.1 Surround and Stereo Mastering by Andy VanDette at Masterdisk, NY
Head Archivist: Francois Lamoureux at FogoLabs Corp.

DVD Production Facility: Craigman Digital
Menu Design: Craig Anderson
Authoring: Craig Anderson and David Dieckmann

Art Direction: Michele Hone, Vartan
Design: Mike Diehl
Photo Research: Jo Almeida
Photos: Bruce Cole, Fin Costello, Richard Fegley, Gerard Gentil, David Street
Slipcase portrait: Deborah Samuel

Production Manager: Michele Horie
Product Manager: Rob Jacobs
Publicity: Sujata Murthy

Management: Ray Danniels at SRO Management, Inc., Toronto

Special thanks: Pegi Cecconi, Andy Curran, Anna LeCoche, Meghan Symsyk, Herb Agner, Hilary Remnant, Heather Kanipe, Elliot Kendall, Andrew Labarrere, Beatriz Pace, everyone at SRO/Anthem, Strobosonic, UMD and UMe.

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In Their Own Words

"On November 21st, Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) celebrates the legacy of Canadian rock trio Rush with the release of three separate six-disc box sets which together spans their entire historic Mercury Records recording career. Each 'Sector' contains five of their 15 Mercury albums in chronological order, all transferred to high resolution 96kHz/24-bit and digitally remastered for optimal quality. In addition, each volume includes and exclusive booklet packed with unpublished photos, original album lyrics and credits, and features one album from each set specially remixed on DVD in high resolution 96kHz/24-bit, 5.1 surround sound and stereo, compatible with both DVD-Audio players and DVD-Video players. Each album is packaged in a replica vinyl mini-jacket of the original album release with all three box sets forming a Rush CD road case." - Universal Music Group's Distribution infosheet
"Based on the strong feedback from the Moving Pictures 5.1 remix, Universal Records had asked me to remix Fly By Night, A Farewell To Kings and Signals in surround to be included in their "Sector" series of box set releases currently underway. Like Moving Pictures, all the multitrack masters I worked with were transferred from the original analog tapes at 96 kHz/24 bit resolution and this quality was maintained right down to the finished master. Listeners are in for a revelation of new detail for these releases." - Richard Chycki,, October 15, 2011
"There was quite a lot missing. We have full albums missing. The master tapes for Permanent Waves, I just don't think we have the masters for that record. That is typical of those days. Your recordings would stay at the studio where you last worked. You'd get home and the master tapes would go to be mastered and then the record was released and they would keep your masters as it was safer that way. When we did Permanent Waves, Trident kept the masters but they went bankrupt and everything disappeared so we don't have the multi-track masters for that one. The same thing with the first record. There are takes missing. The original "Working Man" that's on the album is missing but we have a second version that we did that's slightly different and had a different solo with a wah-wah pedal and that's the version that exists now but that's not been a released version. There's lots of stuff missing, there's parts of 2112 missing. That's the problem we have, some tapes have gone missing, some had degraded. Baking the tapes doesn't necessarily fix them. What it does is it allows you to play the tapes through one time, if you're lucky, so you have to make sure you get it and if you get something that sticks then you're out of luck." - Alex Lifeson, Metal Express Radio, May 21, 2012

Problems with the original release of Sectors...

Shortly after the boxed sets were released, the band announced:

"We are aware of some slight technical issues surrounding the CD of 'Fly By Night' inside the Sector 1 box set release and the DVD for 'A Farewell To Kings' inside the Sector 2 box set that some fans are experiencing. It stems from a production flaw and it is currently being addressed. As soon as production is completed a formal announcement of how to replace the discs will follow shortly. Please be aware that there may be a time delay in shipping and receiving the disc and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience - Geddy, Alex & Neil" - December 2, 2011

On February 7, 2012, announced that the replacement disks for the Sectors boxed sets are now available:

"Replacement 'Fly By Night' CDs and 'A Farewell To Kings' DVDs are now available.

For US & Canadian fans, please contact Universal customer services team on:
Phone: 1-800-288-5942

For fans in the UK & Ireland please contact:
UK e-mail:
UK Phone: +44 (0) 845 250 0965

For fans in Germany please contact:
Germany e-mail:

For fans in any other country please contact your original Sector store where you made the purchase for assistance in getting your replacement discs. Universal will ensure corrected discs get to the Sector-buying fans worldwide as soon as they possibly can." -, February 7, 2012